What is XPLA?

The C2X platform will continue to exist but is now just on a different chain, XPLA. It will still have the voting system in place (also known as the Beta Game Launcher) and will act as a launchpad for a variety of games.

On the other hand, XPLA will continue the value C2X holds; to be the bridge and help Web2 services to make their way into the world of Web3 easier than ever.

Accordingly, what was once the governance token before C2X will be migrated to the XPLA chain and become the governance coin.

The chain will be based on Tendermint using COSMOS SDK and has already gone through extensive work of optimization of the network on several test nets. Once launched, they will put building EVM compatibility to the chain as their top priority to expand the capabilities of XPLA to onboard a variety of services not only games but so much more.

As they transition to the new chain, they will begin their journey by introducing a new wallet for XPLA and other essential services such as Explorer.

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