SUI is a smart contract platform that focuses on throughput and low latency. Unlike other blockchain systems, SUI is maintained by a permissionless set of validators, who play a role similar to validators or miners. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 things you need to know about the SUI blockchain.

SUI offers Scalability and Unprecedented low latency

Sui offers scalability and unprecedented low latency for simple use cases. Sui makes most transactions processable in parallel. This better utilizes processing resources and offers the option to increase throughput by adding more resources. Validators can scale horizontally via intra-validator sharding. As a result, nodes can scale by devoting more resources. This could be through the CPU, memory, storage within a machine, or across multiple machines.

SUI uses Move Programming Language

Sui is written in Rust and supports smart contracts written in Sui Move—a powerful asset-centric adaptation of Move for the Sui blockchain—to define assets that may have an owner. Smart contracts on Sui are created with Move. Sui shares the Move programming language with Diem and Aptos.

How to stake SUI



Sui is the only blockchain today that can scale with the growth of web3 while achieving industry-leading performance, cost, programmability, and usability. It is the first internet-scale programmable blockchain platform, a foundational layer for web3. With its unmatched scalability and instant settlement, Sui offers a better user experience for web3 apps. Sui is backed by a number of state-of-the-art peer-reviewed works and years of open source development.

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