Origins and Technology

Arkeo, originally incubated by the ShapeShift DAO, is being built on top of the cosmos SDK. At genesis, Arkeo validators will support a variety of nodes, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, and more. By utilizing these nodes, Arkeo aims to provide an open, censorship-resistant marketplace for various types of indexed node data.

Community-Driven Ecosystem

Arkeo is also dedicated to promoting a decentralized, community-driven ecosystem. Through the airdrop that includes FOX holders, the cosmos ecosystem, and the THORChain ecosystem, Arkeo will be initially launched, decentralized, and secured by a diverse community of stakeholders.

How Arkeo Works

Arkeo is a decentralized back-end for node data. It aims to provide a censorship-resistant, open marketplace for various types of indexed node data. Arkeo achieves this through its custom built blockchain, built on the Cosmos SDK, which is able to coordinate and offer a marketplace of all type of blockchain nodes.


The node data is indexed by a layer called “Un-chained” which is an open source library that has been developed and maintained by ShapeShift over many years.

Accessing the Network

To access the Arkeo network, developers can drop in and replace what they would have used for other node providers, and of course can access the developer documentation which can be tailored to meet their specific needs. This allows developers to build decentralized applications that can interact with the Arkeo network in a variety of ways as deemed appropriate for their use cases.

Validators and Data Providers

On the network side, validators can run full nodes of any blockchain that allows people to query their nodes at a price of their choosing (including for free if they so choose). Users can open a contract with specific data providers and escrow tokens for payment. Contacts can either be subscription based or pay-as-you-go, with more options coming down the line. Each query between user and data provider is cryptographically provable and redeemable on-chain as income for data providers.

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