We Provide A Safe Architecture For Staking

We provide a safe architecture for staking

01No.de is part of 01.capital, and a genesis validator for the next generation Proof of Stake systems, making it easy for people to earn interest on their assets.

Validator Physically
located in Romania

Colocated in a data center TIA-942 Tier III

State-of-the-art Cisco equipment. The network model is a redundant “2n” type, which means that for any key network equipment there is an identical one that is ready to take over all traffic in case of an unwanted event or scheduled work without this having an impact on services. All of these factors lead to a network uptime of 99.99%.


Our protection against cyber attacks is based on a “packet” traffic analysis solution and high performance hardware equipped with 40GE network interfaces. The attack cleanup capability is 140Gbps / 20Mpps.

Connectivity in our data center is achieved through stable interconnections with major national and international operators with peering of over 140Gbps. Thus, in our data center you will benefit from stable internet connectivity and 99.99% uptime guaranteed by SLA.

Exchange layer
and core

For the Exchange and Core layer, we use “6500E” series equipment equipped with Supervisor “2T XL” that guarantees the uninterrupted transit of any traffic and meets all the needs of a modern network.

Layer of distribution and aggregation

The distribution and aggregation layer was built using Cisco 4500 series (4900M, 4948-10GE).

Meet the team

We are a highly skilled and dedicated team with decades of experience in the fields of software development, highly available IT infrastructure, cryptography and financial services.

Claudiu Nae

Claudiu Nae


Experienced Information Technology Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in
Negotiation, CISA, IT Service Management, IT Strategy, and Windows Server.

Cristian Chirculescu

Cristian Chirculescu

Infrastructure Administrator

Hands-on product & technology leader with over 15 years of experience in corporate and start-up environments. Knowledgeable IT specialist with a great comprehension of everything network related.

Adrian Turcitu

Adrian Turcitu

Network Engineer

Adrian is a network enginner with degrees from CISCO – CCNA, with an experience of over 4 years in network related fields, Deep understanding of network routes and protocols.

Silviu Pruteanu

Silviu Pruteanu

UI/UX Designer

Experienced Full Stack Developer. Strong background on SQL, PHP and Laravel Framework. Skilled in JavaScript, ElectronJS, good experience with TypeScript NodeJS, and VueJS. Svelte enthusiast.

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