What is Velas

Velas is the first Fastest EVM/eBPF Hybrid Chain mechanism blockchain, that allows building decentralized applications and smart contracts on its main net, and ables the scalability of the transactions, being able to validate up to 50 000+ transactions per second.

What is VLX

VLX is a utility coin used in Velas Ecosystem. VLX could be used in three ways:

  1. Users can stake VLX and receive rewards for block validation;
  2. Users can access or pay for services within the Velas Ecosystem such as BitOrbit;
  3. As with any cryptocurrency, users can trade with VLX or treat it as an investment.

How to buy VLX

There are 2 common ways to buy VLX: Centralized Exchanges (CEX), Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), and in the Velas wallet using a debit or credit card.

Buy VLX on exchanges where it is listed.


  • [send to Velas Legacy wallet address]
  • [send to Velas Legacy wallet address]
  • [send to Velas Legacy wallet address]
  • [send to Velas Legacy wallet address]
  • Bittrex Global [send to Velas Legacy wallet address]
  • HitBtc [send to Velas Legacy wallet address]
  • FMFW ( [send to Velas Legacy wallet address]
  • ChangellyPro [send to Velas Native wallet address]
  • CoinEx [send to Velas Native wallet address]
  • Digifinex [send to Velas Native wallet address]
  • [send to Velas Native or Velas EVM wallet address]
  • Kucoin [send to Velas BEP20 or Velas ERC20wallet address]


  • Uniswap [send to Velas ERC20 wallet address]
  • PancakeSwap [send to Velas BEP20 wallet address]

How to delegate VLX

To stake VLX tokens, you must use a wallet that supports staking. Not all wallets support staking at this time.

  • Using mobile Velas Wallet.

What is the cool-down period?

Time for your stake to become liquid after you stopped staking: ~ 2 days

What is the warm-up period?

Time until your stake starts earning rewards: ~2 days

What is the unbonding period on Velas?

If you want to withdraw, you should first Undelegate the stake account, then after Cool down period (~2days), you will be able to withdraw the coins (Velas wallet).

How long could I be a Delegator?

There are no limitations on the duration of delegating your stake.

To know more about Velas ecosystem

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