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What is Starname?

Starname is a fully decentralized, blockchain-based username platform, bridging the popular internet and the complex blockchain ecosystem by allowing users to create customised usernames that represent their blockchain wallet and identity. Starname aims to simplify the experience of dealing with crypto, offering solutions through its service and applications. Transferring value becomes fast and easy.

What is IOV?

IOV is a native currency and a staking asset to secure the name service network. In return, any fees earned on the name service network is distributed back to the delegators.

Where to buy IOV?

IOV is available for buying on:

How to delegate IOV?

There are currently 2 ways to delegate your IOV Tokens:



What is the unbonding period?

There is a 21 days unbonding period when you want to unstake your IOV from the network. During this period. you earn 0 rewards and will still be susceptible to slashing.

When will I receive my first staking rewards?

Your rewards will be available immediately.

To know more about ecosystem

👉 Website
👉 Whitepaper
👉 Telegram
👉 Medium
👉 Twitter
👉 GitHub

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