What is IRIS Network?

IRIS Network is a Tendermint-based inter-chain service infrastructure and protocol for building trustworthy and distributed business applications. Intending to create a foundation for distributed business applications, the IRISnet hub aims to be a zone and regional hub connected to Cosmos main hub.

IRIS Network intends to address two primary challenges. The first challenge pertains to the integration and collaboration of off-chain computing and resources on a distributed ledger. The second involving interoperability of services across heterogeneous chains.

What is IRIS?

IRIS, the native IRIS Network staking token, plays an integral role in consensus and governance. Validators stake IRIS and maintain the validator nodes in return for rewards.

Where to buy IRIS?

You can buy IRIS on most big exchanges such as:

Mexc Global
Bit Global

How to delegate IRIS?


What is the unbonding period?

The unstaking of your tokens will take a full 21 days before they become available, therefore you will not be able to send the tokens immediately.

The period during which the tokens cannot be transferred is called the “lock period.” Although you can select the amount to unstake, you can only unstake 1 time during the 21 days lock period.

When will I receive my first staking rewards?

Your rewards will be available immediately.

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👉 Discord

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