What is Neutron?

Powered by Tendermint and built with the Cosmos SDK, Neutron is the most secure permission-less smart contract platform for Interchain DeFi.

  • Neutron lets developers launch smart-contracts
  • Neutron gives tools to interoperate with other protocols and appchains

How does Interchain Security benefit Neutron?

Interchain Security lets validators from a Provider-Chain (e.g. the Cosmos Hub) produce blocks for a Consumer-Chain (e.g. Neutron). Node operators are rewarded with additional native tokens, but can be sanctioned if they fail to validate the Consumer-Chain.

In a nutshell, Interchain Security provides Neutron with the same degree of security as the Cosmos Hub, the 10th largest blockchain by value staked.

What are Interchain Accounts?

Interchain Accounts (ICA) lets Cosmos blockchains control accounts (aka “wallets”) on remote zones via IBC, instead of local private keys, and write transactions that can be executed on the remote chain.

Neutron will be both a “host” and a “controller” and will launch with a custom implementation that makes Interchain Accounts available to smart contracts.

It means smart contracts on Neutron will be able to interact with modules and zones from other ICA-enabled Cosmos chains and vice versa.

What are Interchain Queries?

Interchain Queries (ICQs) let developers securely retrieve data from remote zones via specific modules and IBC. From a high-level point of view, ICQs do the following:

  • They retrieve raw data and  Merkle proofs from the storage of distant blockchains
  • They verify raw data using Merkle proofs
  • They process raw data into a useable form for developers and smart contracts

Neutron’s implementation is unique because it uses smart contracts instead of modules to process raw data into elegant data structures. It makes Neutron’s Interchain Queries much faster and easier to update, ensuring a more comprehensive range of supported ICQs and continued compatibility with the supported zones.

What is CosmWasm?

Neutron features native support for CosmWasm, a virtual machine that allows smart contracts written in Rust, AssemblyScript, and other coding languages to run on Cosmos blockchains.

CosmWasm smart contracts have significant benefits over an Appchain’s binary: they benefit from an extensive library of testing tools, are easier to deploy and upgrade, and can be audited more efficiently.

Why is Neutron permission-less?

Being permission-less means, smart contracts can launch on Neutron without the need to be whitelisted via a governance vote.

It makes Neutron more scalable, neutral, and competitive:

  • Fast deployment: Web3 is a fast-paced industry, where speed is key to the product’s viability on the market, and a lengthy governance process can hinder competitiveness.
  • Streamlined governance: Neutron governance remains lightweight and efficient, and developer teams on Neutron are not bottlenecked.
  • Neutrality: on Neutron, competition cannot be suppressed. Smart contract deployment is resistant to conflicts of interests, and any project can launch.
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