Union Blockchain Launches It’s Public Testnet

Union Blockchain Launches it’s public testnet: How to Participate

July 8, 2024 written by 01NODE

On June 27, 2024, the Union public testnet went live, marking a significant milestone in modular interoperability. 01node is proud to announce that we are validators for the network. The modular stack is getting unified, and now you can be part of it. To access the testnet, go to app.union.build, connect your wallet (MetaMask, Keplr, and Leap supported), and start transferring assets. The Union public testnet is the first step in the tiered rollout of Union’s Testnet, with many partners and chains to be onboarded in the coming weeks. Try it now.

Union Network

The Union network is a hyper-efficient zero-knowledge infrastructure layer designed for general message passing, asset transfers, NFTs, and DeFi. It is based on consensus verification and operates without dependencies on trusted third parties, oracles, multi-signatures, or MPC.

Using advanced Zero-Knowledge Cryptography and BLS signatures, Union brings the fastest and most secure inter-blockchain communication protocol, IBC, everywhere.

Union serves as a modular interoperability layer, facilitating seamless communication between different blockchain networks for asset transfers, message passing, NFTs, and DeFi applications.

What This Means

With the Union testnet live, users can be at the forefront of modular interoperability and test the Union network ahead of its mainnet launch. The testnet features an integrated faucet, making it easy for users to obtain testnet tokens and engage with the platform. Initially, asset transfers will be available between the Union testnet and the Ethereum Sepolia testnet, with more testnet chains to be added soon.

Key Actions Users Can Take on Testnet

By participating in the testnet, users help battle-test the network, ensuring Union’s ZK circuits operate successfully in production environments. This process helps ensure the network’s robustness and reliability ahead of the mainnet launch. Community feedback and engagement are invaluable in shaping the future of Union and achieving the mission of modular interoperability.

Unifying the Modular Stack with ZK-Powered Interoperability

Union’s mission is to connect every blockchain across the modular multi-chain landscape securely, decentralized, and cost-efficiently using ZK-powered consensus verification.

The launch of the public testnet is a significant leap forward in realizing Union’s vision of creating a sovereign interoperability layer that is permissionlessly accessible to every L1, appchain, rollup, and the thousands of blockchains yet to be created.

Union enables fully permissionless composability across ecosystem borders and for any application, giving rise to a world of fast, application-specific blockchains and rollups. No longer will there be a need to wait for centralized entities to support a network, rely on multi-sigs, or worry about bridge hacks.

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