Top 5 things to know about the SUI Blockchain

April 11, 2023 written by 01NODE

The SUI blockchain is a relatively new blockchain technology that has gained a lot of attention in recent times. It is designed to be a more efficient and scalable version of existing blockchain technologies, with a focus on providing faster transaction processing and lower fees.

SUI is a smart contract platform that focuses on throughput and low latency. Unlike other blockchain systems, SUI is maintained by a permissionless set of validators, who play a role similar to validators or miners. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 things you need to know about the SUI blockchain.

SUI offers Scalability and Unprecedented low latency

Sui offers scalability and unprecedented low latency for simple use cases. Sui makes most transactions processable in parallel. This better utilizes processing resources and offers the option to increase throughput by adding more resources. Validators can scale horizontally via intra-validator sharding. As a result, nodes can scale by devoting more resources. This could be through the CPU, memory, storage within a machine, or across multiple machines.

SUI uses Move Programming Language

Sui is written in Rust and supports smart contracts written in Sui Move—a powerful asset-centric adaptation of Move for the Sui blockchain—to define assets that may have an owner. Smart contracts on Sui are created with Move. Sui shares the Move programming language with Diem and Aptos.

SUI has a DAG-based mempool and efficient Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus

One of Sui’s unique features is its avant-garde approach to a mempool. Sui has a directed acyclic graph (DAG) based mempool, facilitated by Narwhal. The DAG allows parallelization processing at the execution layer. Sui and Mysten Labs are not based on Diem and have no relationship with Aptos. However, both share common origins. Sui takes a significant leap in scalability by enabling parallel agreement on causally independent transactions. Sui validators commit such transactions using Byzantine Consistent Broadcast, eliminating the overhead of global consensus without sacrificing safety and liveness guarantees.

SUI uses simple and lower-latency primitives

Sui forgoes consensus to instead use simpler and lower-latency primitives for simple use cases, such as payment transactions and assets transfer. Transactions that affect only single-owner, single-address objects may bypass the consensus protocol in Sui.

SUI has a Scalability Benchmark

An unoptimized single-worker SUI validator running on an 8-core M1 Macbook Pro can execute and commit 120,000 token transfer transactions per second (TPS). Throughput scales linearly with the number of cores—the same machine processes 25,000 TPS in a single-core configuration.

SUI Blockchain is an innovative platform that offers unmatched scalability, low latency, and instant settlement for high-throughput applications. Its unique features, including the DAG-based mempool and simple consensus primitives, make it an ideal choice for Web3 apps. With its SUI Move programming language and scalable design, SUI Blockchain is poised to become the first internet-scale programmable blockchain platform.


Sui is the only blockchain today that can scale with the growth of web3 while achieving industry-leading performance, cost, programmability, and usability. It is the first internet-scale programmable blockchain platform, a foundational layer for web3. With its unmatched scalability and instant settlement, Sui offers a better user experience for web3 apps. Sui is backed by a number of state-of-the-art peer-reviewed works and years of open source development.

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