Simplifying Multi-Chain Exploration with InitiaScan

May 21, 2024 written by 01NODE

We are pleased to communicate our recent engagement as a Validator in the @initiaFDN Testnet. This testnet, which will be operational for a duration of 8 weeks, provides a valuable opportunity for us to validate and ensure the effective functioning of the network.

To participate alongside us, you can start by accessing the following link:

Steps for rewards will guide

  1. Connect your Keplr wallet: Begin by connecting your Keplr wallet to the network. This will serve as your primary tool for managing your tokens and transactions within the network.
  2. Acquire tokens from the faucet: Once your wallet is connected, you can proceed to acquire tokens from the faucet. These tokens are necessary for executing transactions within the network.
  3. Establish your unique name: After acquiring your tokens, you will be required to create a unique name for your account. This is an important step, as it will represent your identity within the network.
  4. Execute swaps: With your account set up and your tokens in place, you can now start executing swaps. This is a fundamental part of the process, allowing you to exchange tokens within the network.
  5. Stake $INIT tokens: As part of the incentivized testnet, you have the opportunity to stake your $INIT tokens. Staking is a key aspect of maintaining the security and stability of the network.
  6. Stake LP tokens: In addition to $INIT tokens, you can also stake LP tokens. By staking these tokens, you contribute to the liquidity of the network.
  7. Claim your rewards: After participating in the network and staking your tokens, you can claim your rewards. These rewards serve as an incentive for your participation and contribution to the network.

We look forward to your participation in the @initiaFDN Testnet and are confident that your involvement will contribute to the success and development of the network.

Initia Reduces Complexity by Simplifying Processes

Navigating the current multi-chain environment is challenging—users and developers must handle managing numerous chains, setting up new RPCs and wallets, navigating various bridges, dealing with different types of gas fees, and using multiple explorers. This complexity requires users to learn many systems, interfaces, and methods to interact with different blockchains—issues that developers also face. As we move toward a modular future, these fragmented systems will become even more complex, placing the heaviest burden on end-users. Initia addresses these challenges by streamlining the user experience and offering a unified platform that is as intuitive and interconnected as using your favorite smartphone.

Framework for an Integrated Future

The Initia Platform seamlessly integrates Layer 1 and Layer 2 architectures into a unified platform, collectively referred to as Omnitia. At its core, the platform consists of:

  • Initia Orchestration Layer (Layer 1): Referred to simply as “Initia,” this is the base blockchain orchestration layer that coordinates network security, consensus, governance, interoperability, liquidity, and inter-chain messaging.
  • Initia Rollups (Layer 2s): Known as “Minitia” or mini Initias, these are Layer 2 solutions built on top of the Initia Base Chain to enhance scalability and transaction throughput. They may operate in EVM, MoveVM, or WasmVM with the CosmosSDK underneath.
  • Initia Optimistic Rollup Framework (OPinit Stack): The OPinit Stack is Initia’s OR framework built in the CosmosSDK and used to secure Initia Rollups with fraud proofs and rollbacks.
  • Interoperability/Bridging Middleware: This includes the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol and TBA Bridge Provider, facilitating seamless asset and data transfer across different blockchain networks and between the Layer 1 and Layer 2s within Omnitia.

Omnitia represents the collective ecosystem of these components, designed to offer a comprehensive and interoperable blockchain solution.

With features like Enshrined Liquidity, Initia enhances security, boosts liquidity, and enables seamless token transfers across rollups. Developers benefit from versatile, ready-to-deploy solutions equipped with built-in functionalities, including native USDC, instant bridging, cross-chain interoperability, and more.

Initia’s unified product stack simplifies the user experience, offering a singular chain experience across thousands of interconnected rollups and reducing entry barriers:

  • InitiaScan: A multi-chain explorer with VM-specific tools and information.
  • Wallet Widget: Supports EVM & Cosmos wallet signing with social login features.
  • Bridget: A frontend bridge/on-ramp aggregator integrated into rollups.
  • Initia App: A centralized platform for all things related to Initia.
  • Initia Usernames: A blockchain-wide on-chain identity system.
  • Initia Wallet: A dedicated wallet designed for navigating the expansive Initia ecosystem.

Initia’s comprehensive approach transforms a complex multi-chain environment into an interconnected, user-friendly experience, driving forward the future of blockchain technology.


InitiaScan transforms the multi-chain exploration experience by providing a unified, user-friendly platform. Its comprehensive features and seamless integration with other Initia products make it an essential tool for navigating the complex blockchain ecosystem. Explore InitiaScan and simplify your multi-chain interactions today.

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