Quasar Empowering Decentralized Asset Management With Interchain Vaults

Quasar: Empowering Decentralized Asset Management with Interchain Vaults

August 14, 2023 written by 01NODE

Quasar is a groundbreaking decentralized app-chain designed to revolutionize asset management across multiple blockchains. By utilizing smart contracts called “vaults,” Quasar empowers liquidity providers with greater control over their assets and enables the deployment of sophisticated asset management strategies. This article explores the core features of Quasar, its use cases, and its role in supporting decentralized asset management infrastructure.

Interchain Vaults for Decentralized Asset Management

Decentralized Asset Management (DAM) is a system where assets are managed in a decentralized manner, driven by blockchain technology and smart contracts. Liquidity providers play a key role in DAM, gaining control and influence over how their assets are utilized within the system. Quasar provides them with the ability to make decisions autonomously or participate in platform governance, fostering collaboration and efficient asset deployment.

Opportunities presented by DAM include enhanced visibility and control for investors, access to sophisticated asset management strategies, and novel ways to shuttle liquidity throughout a multi-chain ecosystem.

Vaults as Serviced Infrastructure

Quasar’s smart contracts, known as “vaults,” serve as the primary vehicles for aggregating and deploying capital. These vaults dynamically integrate “strategies,” separate smart contracts responsible for executing asset deployment. Customizable and self-governing, vaults determine their own trajectory based on the input of their members. Quasar’s role is to provide the necessary tools and infrastructure for generating and operating these vaults and strategies, supporting others in building their ideal DAM solutions.

Use Cases

The flexibility of Quasar’s composable smart contracts opens up a wide range of use cases. These include creating diversified portfolios, ETF indexes, actively managed indexes, autocompounding yield, and automated liquidity provision. Quasar’s platform allows users to bundle and recombine DeFi “legos” to instantiate vaults with various functionalities.

Protocol, Application Interface, and Labs

Understanding the different aspects of Quasar is essential. Quasar Labs is the company behind the development of the Quasar Protocol and the interface for native smart contracts. The Quasar Protocol itself is a PoS application-specific blockchain that, along with CosmWasm smart contracts, enables decentralized asset management across multiple blockchains. The Quasar Application, or Web App, provides an intuitive interface for users to interact with the protocol and the hosted vaults. Finally, Quasar Governance employs the QSR token to facilitate governance over the Quasar Protocol.


Quasar’s decentralized app-chain and interchain vaults empower liquidity providers and revolutionize asset management across the blockchain landscape. By providing transparent, secure, and customizable solutions, Quasar enables the creation of diversified and actively managed portfolios, automated liquidity provision, and more. The future of decentralized asset management looks promising with Quasar at its forefront.

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