IRISNET featured Validator

November 3, 2021 written by 01NODE

01node was featured as a validator on irisnetwork, bellow u can find the articles in english and chinese.

All validator nodes working on IRISnet not only package transactions into blocks, but also take on the glorious mission of jointly maintaining the consensus and safe operation of the BPoS blockchain network on behalf of the principal!

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You can also try our bucket delegation tool available here and also on BIG DIPPER

Our delegation address is: iva1nzgvvfam8n4lskkcqmhes07td6wkum9cffvkkx

When choosing a validator to delegate, technical parameters such as self-bonded (the higher the better), uptime (the higher the better), commission rate (the lower the better), bond height(the lower the better)etc are good KPIs to review to get a 360-degree view on the validators’ performance. It is always a good practice to select multiple validators to hedge the delegation risk.
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