How To Stake Saga

How to stake $SAGA in 5 easy steps with Keplr Wallet

April 11, 2024 written by 01NODE

Creating a Keplr Wallet

If you already have $SAGA tokens in your wallet, you can skip this part.

Step 1 – Go to and install the extension on your browser.
Step 2 – Create a new wallet or import an existing one following the steps provided on screen.
Step 3 – Fund your wallet with $SAGA tokens which you can purchase on most DEXes or Osmosis Zone

Now, once created and added funds let’s dive into staking the tokens.

Staking $SAGA

Step 1  – In the Kepler Dashboard, choose the Saga chain (or simply visit and press the STAKE button.

Step 2 – The list of validators will pop out. Choose a preferred validator.

Step 3 – Once you choosed a validator, press the STAKE button.

Step 4 – Enter the amount of $SAGA you want to stake, and press STAKE.

Step 5 – Confirm the transaction by clicking the APPROVE button and you are done!
The rewards will be distributed once in every block which is aprox. 6 seconds.
Happy staking!
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