The official wallet has built in staking capabilities.

If you want to create a new account go to :

Choose a username, setup a recovery phrase, fund your wallet with at least 2 near, after you fund your account you can claim your username [ pick a cool name ] 

Using the official wallet

There are 2 ways you ca access your wallet for a GUI delegation, one is by seed phrase, the other one with a ledger, both works ok.

You can login to  your wallet here:

You will choose your seed phrase or ledger depending on your needs.

After login you will be redirected to here you click on staking, choose the account you wish to stake from [ this works with locked contracts too] you click on stake my tokens , choose the validator you want, next you choose the amount you want to stake, confirm the operation and that s it! Success!


Let s see how you can do the same operation on

You go the above link, pick your favorite validator, login using your mnemonic/ seed phrase or ledger, you enter your account id [ see above how to create an account ]  enter the amount you wish to stake and sign the transaction, that s it!

You can now see your delegation on dashboard.

01node pool address: 01node.poolv1.near

Delegation guide/ cheat sheet

You can use the following resources to help you choose your validator:

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