How to easily delegate NEAR [ NEAR PROTOCOL ]! Works from web browser/mobile and ledger

November 4, 2021 written by 01NODE

The official wallet has built in staking capabilities. If you want to create a new account go to :

Choose a username, setup a recovery phrase, fund your wallet with at least 2 near, after you fund your account you can claim your username [ pick a cool name ]

Using the official wallet

There are 2 ways you ca access your wallet for a GUI delegation, one is by seed phrase, the other one with a ledger, both works ok.
You can login to  your wallet here:

You will choose your seed phrase or ledger depending on your needs.


Let s see how you can do the same operation on

You go the above link, pick your favorite validator, login using your mnemonic/ seed phrase or ledger, you enter your account id [ see above how to create an account ]  enter the amount you wish to stake and sign the transaction, that s it!

You can now see your delegation on dashboard.

01node pool address: 01node.poolv1.near

Delegation guide/ cheat sheet

You can use the following resources to help you choose your validator:

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