5 Reasons why you should stake $ATOM with 01node

April 19, 2022 written by 01NODE

Staking $ATOM is a good option if you plan on holding your tokens. While you do that, you can earn something like 15% and delegate your tokens to validators (which a good validator is 01node) you think can help the ecosystem grow thus giving $ATOM valid reasons to rise up in price.

1. Staking risk reduction


Every passive income has some risks involved with it and so does staking $ATOM to validators and the key risks are as follows:

a. Slashing due to double signing or downtime.
b. Validator increasing commission fee.
c. Validator disconnecting services.

Validator uptime is one of the most important metrics to watch out for. The COSMOS ecosystem provides quite strict conditions for slashing for a simple node. For the records, 01node since the genesis of its participation has always experienced an 99.9% uptime.

2. Less commission fee


Block rewards are shared with nominators, but the validators set the commission that they take out for their costs before profits are given out. This rate can vary greatly. Currently, 01node offers 5% commission fees, which increases your ability to earn more and spend less.

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3. Auto-compounding of staked $ATOM


If you are in for the long term, Auto-compounding means that instead of having to re-stake your assets manually from time to time in order to get the best APY, it will be done automatically for you! 01node offers this service on Restake.app

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How to use REStake

  1. Choose a network. Some don’t support Authz yet but many do.
  2. Delegate to any validators (e.g 01node) who offers the REStake service.
  3. Enable REStake on the validators you want to compound rewards.
  4. Watch the countdown timer and profit!

4. Great community and excellent customer support


We are constantly evolving and sharing insightful contents and all kinds of useful information via our social platforms. If you have any questions about staking or our validator services, you can always reach out to 24/7. We are happy to talk with anyone and help navigate community members through this exciting new ecosystem.

👉 Email: [email protected]
👉 Telegram: https://t.me/node01

5. Skin in the game / Network participation


We have the expertise and time tested infrastructure as a highly secure and reliable node. Our track record shows this reliability, We prioritize great focus on security and we ensure the best practices for every service we offer. We aim to provide the best performance and reliability through our physical infrastructure collocated in tier-3 datacenters.

Our existing validator nodes have secured value on several POS networks since their inception such as Terra, Iris, Solana, Near, E-money, IOV, Solana, Skale, Secret Network, Oasis and others who will soon launch like Celestia or Nomic chain, and Near Protocol.

Also, as a validator who values the project we actively participate in governance by voting on proposals, informing our delegates of our vote and our reasons for voting.

We breathe, we give! #WePlant