5 Networks with high APY you can earn from in 2022

January 20, 2022 written by 01NODE

If you have a pot of crypto lying around, or you’re interested in investing long-term, staking is a great way to earn rewards or to earn some extra income without having to sell a single coin or having in-depth knowledge on technical analysis.

So, if this interests you, consider staking one of the coins above, on a reliable platform, for some nice rewards.

What do I need to know ?

Staking is the process of holding funds to support the operations of a blockchain network through a reward-driven process. There is more than one differentiating feature offered in crypto-industry and staking is one of them.

In simple terms, staking simply stands for holding a cryptocurrency in a wallet for a fixed period, then earning rewards on it. The reward earned from staking varies depending on the length of time you hold it.

How do I get started?

Validators provide a valuable service in securing the blockchain. The incentive for doing so is the blockchain’s native token. For new entrants to the proof-of-stake space or for outsiders looking in however, validators often appear undifferentiated. The lucrative rewards seeded out by these networks attracts a large cohort of validators.

On the surface, each validator in this growing group offers the same basic, commoditized service. Many new arrivals to Proof-of-Stake blockchains have the same basic question,

This list helps shape your decision making process when choosing a validator. The four areas for consideration are: 

  • Validator Fees
  • Validator Performance
  • Validator Security

01 node as a example of a Validator,

● We are a highly skilled and dedicated team with decades of experience in the fields of software development, highly available IT infrastructure, cryptography and financial services.
● 01node operates validation/oracle services on the folowing networks: Cosmos, Iris, Terra, Skale, Near, Xdai, Starname, Persistence, Sentinel, Osmosis, Regen, Secret, E-money, Thegraph, Chainlink.
● We strive to maintain an uptime of over 99%, our track record can be seen on all the public explorers for the mentioned networks, some of them aggregated here: https://www.mintscan.io/cosmos
● We also run full nodes for Ethereum, BSC, Polygon/Matic, Avalanche, Heco and various testnet like  Solana, Skale, Near, Althea, Wormhole, Agoric, Sentinel.
● Our protection against cyber attacks is based on a packet tarffic analysis solution and high performance hardware. Conectivity in our datacenters is achived through stable interconnctions with multiple providers summing a total bandwidth up to 20Gbps.

Networks with high APY%

There are lots of networks you can earn from but in today’s article will have a look at top 5 networks with high APY% on which we run validation service


It has an objective is to build an ecosystem of next-generation financial products ranging from institutional to crypto-native use cases. Moreover, its technology stack is constructed to connect DeFi and traditional finance while expanding DeFi and NFT sectors via the creation of innovative crypto solutions.  It offers its native holders with an APY of 37.64 %.

Validator Address:  persistencevaloper1etueaqe9teaamq40pln9xrncwgfns8mtdfr02c
Status:  Mainnet
Fee:  5%
Uptime:  100%


Terra is an open-source blockchain platform for algorithmic stablecoins, that are pegged against traditional fiat. Terrais among the best crypto staking coins because investing in their LUNA coins is easy and you can now earn about 8 – 20% APY on your deposit. On UST deposits, the annual interest rate is about 20%.

Validator Address:  terravaloper1khfcg09plqw84jxy5e7fj6ag4s2r9wqsgm7k94
Status:  Mainnet
Fee:  8%
Uptime:  100%


Solana is an efficient blockchain that was designed with scalability in mind. This scalability is achieved via Solana’s low fees and quick transactions. When you stake your $SOL, you can expect to receive annual returns ranging from 10–20%.

Validator Address:  BH7asDZbKkTmT3UWiNfmMVRgQEEpXoVThGPmQfgWwDhg
Status:  Mainnet
Fee:  5%
Uptime:  99.9%


Sentinel is an open-source, encrypted, peer-to-peer bandwidth marketplace accessible to anyone. Users can connect to any of the provably secure dVPN applications built on the Sentinel network. Individuals can also earn passive income by offering bandwidth to the marketplace. With an APY of 10-20%

Validator Address:  sentvaloper1gcx3cq450dgmyha7s3x5mhjqcnxxn40tqykq20
Status:  Mainnet
Fee:  5%
Uptime:  100%


As a current validator on many major PoS networks, 01node has the expertise and time tested infrastructure to be a highly secure and reliable node. Our existing validator nodes have secured value on several POS networks since their inception such as Terra, Iris, Cosmos, Kava, E-money, IOV, Solana, Secret Network, and others who will soon launch like Polkadot, Certik chain, and Near Protocol. Collectively, we currently secure nearly $160M in user-staked assets.

We aim to provide the best performance and reliability through our physical infrastructure collocated in tier-3 datacenters. Our track record shows this reliability, and the great focus we have on security and best practices for every service we offer.

We breathe, we give! #WePlant