01node’s Q1 recap

April 8, 2023 written by 01NODE

Have you been doing wondering what we have been up to this past Q1? Not to worry, we got it all covered in this article. Get ready for an interesting ride, where we’ll take you on a thrilling journey through the latest happenings in the world of 01node. We’ll be showcasing all the heart-pumping advancements and milestones.

So, get ready for an adventure!

Q1 achievements Technical & Partnerships


Sui network testnet wave 3

We joined forces with the Sui network as incentivized testnet validators, playing a critical role in ensuring the integrity and security of the test networks by verifying transactions, creating blocks, and adding them to the test blockchain ahead of its Mainnet launch ( The first permissionless L1 blockchain).


Quasar mainnet

We also announced that we now run full node on Quasar – the first decentralized asset management (D.A.M.) platform supercharged with IBC. Quasar is materializing the goal for a more equitable and accessible financial future by providing a flexible, simple, and powerful asset management platform suitable for everyone – for DeFi natives, developers, liquidity providers, portfolio managers, quants, and those just DeFi curious.


Joined Quicksilver Mainnet set

Another interesting milestone was achieved as we onboarded Quicksilver as part of the chain we run full node on, being a genesis Validator as well. Quicksilver is a permissionless, sovereign Cosmos SDK zone providing liquid staking for the entire Interchain ecosystem.


Joined Extrnode RPC service Validators

As part of our commitment to building a more decentralized ecosystem, we also joined forces with Everstake and couple of other reputable Validators to deploy quality infrastructure to provide RPC services.


Run Injective node

We are also glad to announce that we now run nodes on Injective and also received foundation delegation from the team. Injective’s mission is to create a truly free and inclusive financial system through decentralization.


Joined Coreum testnet

It’s also interesting to note that, we were part of the Validators on Coreum testnet helping to ensure a smooth transition from testnet to mainnet. Coreum is the first EGB. A new generation of blockchains that is geared towards enterprise needs in compliance with ISO20022.


Celestia genesis validator

Also thrilling to note that, we were selected as genesis validator on Celestia in ensuring the security and stability of the network from the very beginning. Celestia is a modular consensus and data network, built to enable anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain with minimal overhead.


Voted on governance proposal on all networks we validate

As a committed validator, we care about the projects we are involved in. Therefore, we actively participate in governance across ALL knowing this foster growth and development.


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Next in Q2

The year’s second quarter is already here and work continues! From new partnerships to upgrades, etc., Q2 will be full of new completed milestones in every area.

That’s all, folks! Thank you for making it this far.

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