01node welcomes Quasar

March 27, 2023 written by 01NODE

We are glad to announce that we now run full node on Quasar – the first decentralized asset management (D.A.M.) platform supercharged with IBC.

About Quasar

Quasar is a DeFi appchain for digital asset management enabled by the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). With Quasar, users can take advantage of customizable financial strategies to deploy assets across a variety of independent blockchains. Liquidity providers (LPs) on Quasar can access actively managed strategies by joining dynamic vaults that combine expert guidance and collective decision-making. Vaults allow LPs to efficiently crowdsource and deploy capital in a permissionless, transparent, and self-governed way.

Who is Quasar for?

Quasar is for crypto natives and enthusiasts alike seeking a decentralized platform to seamlessly manage digital assets across multiple disparate blockchains (without complex cross-chain bridges) all in one place.

This includes liquidity providers seeking to access interchain strategies, connect with expert managers, or find a community of investors sharing similar goals.

Use cases of Quasar

Composable smart contracts for vaults allow for a broad range of use cases. DeFi legos can be bundled and recombined in countless ways within vaults. Here are some potential use cases:

  • Diversified Portfolio: Create unique collections of diversified assets all in one place, without having constantly interface with multiple individual chains
  • ETF Index: Different metrics such as market cap or TVL can be used to create several flavors of simple indexes for IBC enabled chains within the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond. Quasar’s own Q-Index will be an example of an ETF index.
  • Actively Managed Index: Develop a basket of goods representative of an index, then carry out strategies (e.g. staking) with the underlying assets
  • Autocompounding: Automatically and remotely reinvest yield generated from a single or multiple AMM pools back into the same, or different, pools.
  • Automated LPing: enter and exit liquidity positions automatically based on specified logic responsive to changing market conditions

Our Role as 01node

Quasar security relies on a proof-of-stake protocol. As a validator, we will run a full node and we are committed to making new blocks to the Blockchain, participating in governance and securing the network.

01node’s CTO – Cris

We are excited about this innovation and it’s a plus to the Cosmos ecosystem and all Crypto enthusiast – having financial freedom for ALL has been the goal.

Quasar is materializing that goal for a more equitable and accessible financial future by providing a flexible, simple, and powerful asset management platform suitable for everyone – for DeFi natives, developers, liquidity providers, portfolio managers, quants, and those just DeFi curious.

We believe that our participation in the network will not only benefit us but also contribute to the growth and development of the broader blockchain ecosystem. We are excited about the potential of the Quasar project and look forward to exploring this opportunity further.

How to stake $QSR


As a holder of the QSR token in the Quasar ecosystem, you can earn staking rewards and secure the network without the responsibility of running a validator, which requires you to delegate (I.e stake) your tokens to a validator (e.g 01node).

▪️ Using Kepler WalletLink
▪️ Commission – 5%
▪️ Uptime- 100%

Why stake with 01node:

• Skin in the game
• Quality infrastructure
• Less commission fees
• Team of expertise
• Fast support

For the latest Quasar news and updates, follow it via the links:

For more detailed information please read the Quasar official documentation.

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