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01node Validator Joins Eigenlayer as Operator for Stage 2 of Testnet

November 21, 2023 written by 01NODE


In the world of blockchain technology, testnets play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of a network before its mainnet launch. In this blog post, we are excited to announce that 01node Validator has joined Eigenlayer as an operator for Stage 2 of the testnet. This collaboration marks an important milestone in the development of Eigenlayer and highlights the growing significance of decentralized networks in the blockchain space.

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What is EigenLayer?

EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking, a new primitive in cryptoeconomic security. This primitive enables the reuse of ETH on the consensus layer. Users that stake ETH natively or with a liquid staking token (LST) can opt-in to EigenLayer smart contracts to restake their ETH or LST and extend cryptoeconomic security to additional applications on the network to earn additional rewards.

Stage 2 Testnet- What to expect?

Stage 2 of the Eigenlayer testnet brings about an exciting evolution of the protocol. During this stage, operators (e.g 01node) have the opportunity to register to the network and start validating for the first Autonomous Validation System (AVS) called EigenDA. Restakers can also delegate their stake to these operators, allowing them to put shared security to work with EigenDA. Additionally, rollups have the ability to integrate with EigenDA, enabling them to experiment with cost-effective, hyperscale throughput use cases. This collaboration between Eigenlayer and operators, such as 01node Validator, provides valuable insights and feedback that can help fine-tune the platform for a successful mainnet launch.

Through the integration of EigenDA and the participation of operators, Eigenlayer is paving the way for a reliable and efficient blockchain platform. This stage of the testnet allows this.

Below are the different components of the EigenLayer testnet for restakers, operators, and AVS developers.

  1. Restakers: Restake & Delegate to an Operator
  2. Operators: Register to EigenLayer
  3. AVS Developers: Explore Live AVS Code

LEARN MORE: https://www.blog.eigenlayer.xyz/launch-of-the-stage-2-testnet-eigenlayer-eigenda/

01node Validator and Eigenlayer Collaboration

Eigenlayer, is currently in the process of testing their protocol through various stages of their testnet. In Stage 2 of the testnet, they have partnered with us -01node Validator as an operator. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise in blockchain technology.

As an operator, we will contribute to the overall stability and security of the Eigenlayer testnet. Also, users have the option to delegate their stake to us, allowing them to contribute to securing the network and earning rewards while doing so. This collaboration helps create a robust and secure platform for the successful mainnet launch. This collaboration will provide Eigenlayer with valuable insights and feedback, helping them fine-tune their platform for a successful mainnet launch.

Restaking Tutorial Guide.

In this blog attached, we will guide you through the process of restaking your ETH using the Eigenlayer staking platform on the Goerli network using MetaMask. By following these step-by-step instructions, you will be able to connect your wallet, swap stETH tokens, deposit to an operator, delegate your stake to a preferred Validator, and successfully restake your ETH. Let’s get started!

LINK: https://01node.com/restaking-tutorial-on-eigenlayer-testnet/


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The partnership between 01node and Eigenlayer for Stage 2 of the testnet is a significant development in the Ethereum ecosystem. Testnets serve as a crucial stepping stone towards the deployment of a robust and secure blockchain network. Looking forward to a suucessful mainnet launch.

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