01node receives the SSV grant to integrate ETH staking pool

December 15, 2022 written by 01NODE

01node is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a ssv.network grant to build and integrate an ETH staking pool on our platform. 01node will use our infrastructure, in conjunction with SSV technology, to strengthen Ethereum’s decentralization and further secure the Ethereum network. This will provide a seamless decentralized ETH staking experience for global users, and ETH stakers will be able to stake any amount of ETH.

The SSV Network Grant


The SSV Network Grants Program is a community-led grants program that funds development teams building decentralized staking applications and services with the goal of promoting and accelerating development and innovation by network developers. Proposals for the grant are evaluated on the technical design of the project, the overall quality of the team and its community, and more. 01node is excited to join the SSV Network Grants Program as a verified staking provider worldwide and to soon support ETH staking.

What we are working on


πŸ‘‰β€Š The best and most intuitive staking UI/UX available for ETH stakers
πŸ‘‰β€Š Staking pool for everyone with extra layer of security with the SSV technology
πŸ‘‰β€Š A WebApp for staking as well as an integration with various Ethereum compatible wallets
πŸ‘‰β€Š Staking rewards for all Ethereum stakers irrespective of their staking size.
πŸ‘‰β€Š More decentralisation and secure validators’ private key significantly reducing downtime and slashing as various operators will be in charge

What is a Staking Pool?


A staking pool is a tool that allows multiple crypto token holders to pool their tokens, granting the staking pool operator validator status and awarding tokens to all stakeholders for computational resource contributions. Multiple users can lock their tokens to a single validator node due to the combined size of their staked capital, allowing the node’s smart contract to earn a larger share of the staking rewards. Staking allows you to earn rewards based on the amount you stake and the rewards distributed to the staking pool you join. In this context, because Ethereum has a minimum staking limit of 32 ETH, Ethereum holders can stake any amount of ETH to receive rewards through the pool.

About SSV Network

Secret Shared Validators (SSV) are the first secure and robust way to split an Ethereum validator key between non-trusting nodes. The nodes do not need to trust each other to carry out their validator duties, and a certain number can be offline without affecting validator performance. The result is a reliable, decentralized, and secure infrastructure for Ethereum staking.

The SSV Network is the decentralized staking infrastructure running the SSV protocol that enables the distributed operation of an Ethereum validator. It is also a reusable and scalable ETH staking infrastructure that developers can use to build new staking apps and deploy them quickly and easily.

About 01node

01node is a staking organization that has been in the proof-of-stake industry for over 4 years. At the moment, we validate over 25 POS chains, including Cosmos, Terra, Solana, Juno, Osmosis, Gnosis Chain, Agoric, Skale, Oasis, Near, and many others. We also collaborate with various blockchain service providers, such as providing oracle services for Chainlink, bridging and router services for Connext and Wormhole, and many other services. We secure approximately $540 million in user-staked assets. We are a team of highly skilled and committed professionals with decades of combined experience in software development, IT infrastructure, cryptography, and financial services.

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