01Node Ethereum Staking Pool Completes Security Audit By Blaize

01Node Ethereum Staking pool completes security audit by Blaize

August 31, 2023 written by 01NODE

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the initial smart contract audit by Blaize, an elite blockchain security firm. In summary, Blaize identified a few security risks that was acknowledged and solved by our team. This significant milestone not only validates the security of our staking infrastructure but also showcases our dedication to creating a safe and reliable environment for all our stakeholders.

Audit Objectives

  • The primary objective was to identify and describe any security issues within these contracts.
  • The audit focused on scrutinizing the security of the smart contracts underpinning the 01node protocol.
  • The audit scope encompassed all tests, scripts, documentation, and requirements outlined by the 01node team. It also included an evaluation of the contract code using the Hardhat framework tests and scripts, additional testing strategies, and manual and exploratory rounds.

Audit Results

Our smart contract demonstrated a high level of security, which was estimated by Blaize as Highly Secure at 9.7 out of 10. However, we are commited to providing smart contract unit tests and technical documentation to maintain the integrity of the project during future development phases. Enhancing code quality for readability and optimization was also advisable. The Blaize team has rigorously tested the protocol and confirmed its adherence to essential security checks. Trust in the security and reliability of the ETH staking pool remains well-placed.


01Node Ethereum Staking Pool

Our Ethereum staking pool is an innovative platform that is built, using SSV network and Distributed Validator Technology to run our validators which aims to make staking accessible, user-friendly, and rewarding for everyone. The UI is simple and intuitive, yet users can do everyting they need to do to manage their stake and also see statistics about pool validators. The pool is managed by automated Oracles that track stacked balances, rewards and validators and through the pool Smart Contract. The pool validators are also automatically managed by the Oracles that track their beacon chain balances and also the execution layer balances.

Link: https://staking-stg.01node.com

How to participate?

All you’ll need to participate is a browser with the latest version of MetaMask, Rainbow, Coinbase, Wallet Connect or an EVM-compatible wallet and some Goerli ETH to stake. Goerli ETH is freely available on our testnet faucet site, but you’re more than welcome to bring your own Goerli ETH to use.

What's in for you?

To make the beta an attractive experience for all community members, all the wallets who interact with our pool during the test period, will have a surprise once it goes live and a very limited edition MVP one for those that go above and beyond in the beta.

Reporting bugs

The last thing we want in our Mainnet release is a bug! Feel free to submit bug or improvements to [email protected]

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