Wormhole Pt 2

01node – a Wormhole Guardian

April 8, 2024 written by 01NODE

April 3rd was a fantastic day for Wormhole! They finally launched their much-anticipated native token, $W. This awesome token is the heart of the Wormhole platform and runs on the native Solana SPL token. But the best part? We at 01node are over the moon to announce that we’re one of the 18 guardians for Wormhole! We’re absolutely bursting with pride.

Introducing Wormhole

Wormhole has emerged as a groundbreaking universal messaging protocol that smooths the path for seamless communication across diverse blockchains. It stands apart from a conventional blockchain, serving instead as a conduit, a bridge that enables interaction between different blockchains and rollups. Although Wormhole itself does not function as a token bridge, it does support other protocols, like Portal Bridge, designed specifically for this purpose.

In the present-day digital landscape, Wormhole shines as the leading interoperability platform fuelling multichain applications and bridges on an impressive scale. This platform is the embodiment of Web3’s vision of interconnectivity, demonstrating the potential of a truly interconnected digital universe. It has been wholeheartedly adopted by developers from over 200 applications and continues to attract hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. To date, Wormhole has successfully facilitated the transfer of a wide variety of data types across more than 30 different blockchains, recording over 1 billion multichain messages. Its user base boasts big names such as Uniswap, Circle, Lido, Synthetix, and Pyth, among others.

Guardians role

Wormhole, an innovative technology, utilizes a network of distributed nodes known as Guardians. These Guardians hold the crucial responsibility of monitoring state changes across a plethora of different blockchains, thus forming the backbone of Wormhole’s operation. Guardians meticulously observe messages, signing corresponding payloads on an individual basis. These signatures are later amalgamated to form a multisig, otherwise known as a Verified Action Approval (VAA). This VAA is representative of a state that has been agreed upon by the majority. The Guardian Network, therefore, serves as the oracle component within Wormhole, playing a pivotal, cornerstone role in the ecosystem’s technical architecture.

To fully comprehend the critical importance of the Guardian Network, it’s absolutely essential to delve deeper into its fundamental design principles, each of which contributes to the network’s overall functionality:

  1. Decentralization: Network control is not centralized. Instead, it’s distributed across numerous parties to ensure that no single entity holds all the power. This enhances the security and reliability of the network.
  2. Modularity: Different components within the ecosystem, such as the oracle, relayer, and applications, are designed to remain separate and distinct. This allows for independent design, modification, and upgradeability, offering a robust and flexible framework.
  3. Chain Agnosticism: Wormhole is designed to support a variety of chains, extending beyond just the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This ensures that no single chain acts as a point of failure, enhancing the network’s robustness.
  4. Scalability: Wormhole is designed with the ability to not only secure large value but also handle substantial transaction volumes. This scalability makes it a viable solution for a variety of use cases.
  5. Upgradeability: One of the most important aspects of Wormhole is its flexibility and adaptability. It’s designed to evolve with the ever-changing trends in decentralized computing without causing disruptions to existing integrations. This ensures that Wormhole remains cutting-edge and relevant.

Meet the Guardians


Thanks to the amazing network of Guardians, Wormhole is at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, paving the way for smooth cross-chain communication and a wide variety of decentralized applications. With $W spreading its wings across multiple chains, and backed by powerful frameworks like Native Token Transfers (NTT), the doors to new possibilities are wide open for all you developers and users out there. Whether it’s enabling seamless cross-chain exchanges or powering decentralized governance and gaming, $W is like a shining lighthouse in the vast ocean of the decentralized space, constantly evolving with the ecosystem. So, let’s explore this exciting new frontier together!

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