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Cosmos Network – How to Delegate

Cosmos is the ecosystem of blockchains that are able to scale and communicate with each other. This new technical vision takes transactions to an upper level, by allowing them to occur in a higher number per second than before.

Cosmos delegation is pretty easy, as the network is also intuitive. There are currently a couple of options that teach you how you can delegate on Cosmos. Some of them are:

Cosmos Delegation through Browser Wallets/ Plugins/ Tools provides a Cosmos delegation tool and a small guide for command line interface (CLI). delegation tool

Our delegation tool is pretty straightforward and interactive. You will walk through the process of being a Cosmos delegate step by step in a couple of minutes.

The 01node tool for Cosmos teaches you how to delegate by taking you through an easy process.

The logic is the same for all validators.

If you are also looking for alternatives, you can use the following Cosmos Network explorers that have the ability to delegate from the browser.

Stargazer is a Cosmos Network explorer built by Certus One.

Another Cosmos explorer is Hubble. The explorer was built by Figment Network. Hubble is focused on validator performance.

Other tools may exist since this space is always evolving…

Delegation through CLI

You can delegate using CLI if you already have GAIA installed and you are familiar with running commands from the terminal, our tool will guide you through the process.

You only set the Network you plan to use → the Amount you wish to delegate → the name of the Key you intend to use → the delegation Command. Witch u must copy and paste it in the terminal where u have your cosmos and key install.

You can find more details on installing and using GAIA in the original guide made by Cosmos network.

Regardless of your delegation option, the results will be the same.

Why Delegate on Cosmos

Why delegate on Cosmos

Have you noticed the inflation of the Cosmos Network ATOMs? The network got a lot of attention thanks to its interoperability and scalability specs.

The option to create your own validator is also on the table. Yet, the process can be pretty expensive. The easy way is to delegate.

Cosmos Network Validator operates a secure Cosmos network validator that:

  • Operates through physical servers colocated in data center TIA-942 Tier III.
  • Its protection is ensured by HSM hardware.
  • Is a genesis Cosmos validator.
  • Is ensured, as it offers rewards regardless of the transaction result.
  • we aim to maintain a self-delegation ratio that is at least even with the commision we charge, at this moment our self delegation is 11.59%

You can read more about our set up on our blog.

Our Cosmos validator operates with a 10% fee that has not changed since block 0.

Our maximum commission is 20% and will not change as it is enforced by the Cosmos Network.

The current cosmos staking rewards go  around 11-12% per year.

Our Cosmos validation services include hardware and expertise, as our team of specialists has made a setup that did not lose any block until now. And plan to keep it that way.

We monitor our physical servers through Prometheus and Graphana, together with a mix of REST API. We are notified as soon as an issue is detected on our servers. So, you also benefit from non-stop monitoring tools and alerts. is a Cosmos Network validator that comes with a safe and stable infrastructure for blockchain PoS.

Cosmos Rewards

The Cosmos staking reward rate we have mentioned above might change depending on the dynamic of total assets that have gone through the PoS process. You can claim the Cosmos rewards and keep them in designated wallets.

The Cosmos wallets available now are:

  • Wetez Wallet, an app available in Google Play and iOS.
  • Cosmostation, available now only on Google Play. However, its designers are working on versions compatible with iOS, a toolkit, and a web wallet.
  •, cosmos official wallet that will be released soon.

 Cosmos website

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