Hello world! Hello Cosmos!

So… this is the hello-world post of 01NODE,  before the mainnet there was GOS (game of stakes) which served as a test for the next mainnet validators, we are amongst the winners of Cosmos Game of Stakes, and this alone should also indicate that we are very serious about the validation, as well as our performance.

this were the “preliminary results” of Game of Stakes, an analysis made by Castlenode.

We did good. We recommend the article, witch shows the various key points to be considered regarding a few metrics that have been signalled as valuable and how validators performed during the game.

The final results came from Zaki of COSMOS,

we were uptime leaders as Zaki put it, and we were never jailed either.

Even without the participation to Game of Stakes we would still be a Genesis Validator, we participated in the fundraiser, we followed the project ever since.

This is our introduction. Stay tuned, more to come!

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